Troubleshooting & Tips - Working with Fondant

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Troubleshooting & Tips - Working with Fondant

New to working with fondant? Here are some tips for you! 

Fondant scares me. I'm not a baker.

    Believe it or not, stamping onto fondant can be easier than stamping directly onto your cookie and baking. You an also add colour and make them look super professional - don't be scared! You can buy fondant from most local supermarkets now, or speciality cake shops or even Spotlight. Shop around and try a few to find your favourite. Or if you are super keen, you can even make your own. Check out our Fondant Pinterest Board for recipes and inspiration.

    How do I start?

      First you'll need to "work" your fondant to make it soft and workable. Just like you would with clay or play-dough, stretch it and squeeze it until it becomes easy to mould. Then place it between two sheets of baking paper and roll it with a rolling pin, working from the centre and rolling outwards. (You can use cornflour or icing sugar to stop the fondant sticking if you like, but you shouldn't need to if you are using decent quality baking paper). Occasionally flip it and separate the fondant from the baking paper to make sure it's not sticking.

      Roll it out so it's around 2-3mm thick. Leave it to dry for about 10 minutes to dry slightly and then stamp away! 

      My fondant is getting stuck in the stamp - help!

        If your fondant is getting stuck in the stamp, it could be due to a few things:

        1. Your fondant is too moist/sticky. After rolling it out, leave it for a while to dry. Once it no longer feels sticky to touch try again. 

        2. Your fondant it rolled too thin. Try re-rolling a little thicker and see if this helps. 

        3. Your stamp is wet / hasn't thoroughly been dried since washing. If this is the case you'll notice your stamp sticking to the fondant and leaving a wet, shiny residue on the fondant. Make sure to leave it to air dry fully before using again.

        Tips to stop the fondant sticking:

          1. Roll out your fondant so it's 2-3mm thick. 
          2. Leave your fondant to dry a little after rolling it out, it will be easier to stamp.  
          3. Dust your stamp with icing sugar or cornflour before stamping onto the fondant. 

          To remove fondant from your stamp:

            1. Use a skewer, toothpick or a pin to remove the fondant from your stamp.
            2. Wash in warm water, and scrub with a brush. A new toothbrush is perfect! 
            3. Leave to air dry fully before using again.

            My fondant is creasing around the design when I stamp it. 

              Your fondant is too thick. You can try rubbing out the creases with your finger, or roll your fondant out some more and leave it to dry a little and try again.  

              My fondant is cracking.

                Your fondant is too dry. Either you haven't worked it enough at the beginning of the process, or it has been left out too long and has dried too much. 

                My fondant stretches and the design is distorted when I try to put it on the cookie. 

                  Leave the fondant to dry a little more before you attempt to attach it to the cookie. 

                  How do I attach the fondant to the cookie?

                    We like to boil water and add in some icing sugar or vanilla essence for flavour, but just water will do. Use a pastry brush a small amount on the back of the fondant and carefully place on the cookie, and press in place softly so that you don't distort the design.